"This story will pull every gut-wrenching emotion from you as you follow the harrowing journey. The world building is reminiscent of Neil Gaiman, but with the author's own special twists that incorporate a darker phenomenology. Once you start reading you won't be able to stop, even when you feel like you need to take a breather. You will be glad you picked this up, but you won't be the same afterward. "


"Every now and then you find an author who writes a story that simply takes your breath away, that is exactly what Kim Cormack does in her novel, Sweet Sleep."

Children of Ankh Series Reviews

"A Publishers Read!"


"Wow just wow! This book is amazing to read so five star it is. Couldn't put it down. You will love it!"


"This YA novel is filled with fantasy-like creatures, demons, battles, love, reincarnation, and heeded messages for the reader. Two of my favorite quotes from this novel were, "We are always so much stronger than we believe ourselves to be" and "All heroes are born out of embers that linger from the fire of great tragedy;" so very true Cormack."


"Once I got to the end I seriously wanted to scream because I didn't want it to end. Kim leaves her readers desperately craving more, as Kayn craves energy and hot sauce."

Epic Reviews



"Filled with humor and scenes that make you blush, Cormack shows readers that she isn’t a one-dimensional author." 


Every time a new book comes out in this series, I just gobble it up! Wicked Thing is no different, the moment I got the book I dived right in and couldn't bring myself out until I finished it. Kim has the talent to completely engross her readers into the story. Lexy is one of my favorite characters and getting to have a story that follows her makes me incredibly happy. While some elements of the story are dark others are light-hearted and completely hilarious. She has such a way with words that seem to put readers under a spell!" 


C.O.A Reviews


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