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Meet Kayn Brighton

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The end of Kayn's life was only the beginning of her story...



Take a trip into the metaphysical spiritual world with these endearing paranormal anti-heroes and wickedly titillating warriors. This will be unlike anything you've ever read.

     Would you live your life differently if you knew you were going to be corrected…erased from this world sometime around your sixteenth birthday? You and your twin sister were never meant to be born. There will be no place to run. No place to hide. You won’t even know they’re coming. Do you have what it takes to survive your Correction? Could you leave your humanity behind? If the answer is yes, then hold on’s going to be one hell of a ride!


This Is not a fairytale.This is a nightmare...


If the partially immortal teen manages to survive their Correction, or they have impressed the Guardians of the in-between with their bravery, they may be granted a second chance as a sacrificial lamb for the greater good. They must join one of three clans of immortals living on earth. Clan Ankh, Clan Trinity or Clan Triad. They will then have the symbol of that clan branded into their flesh and with this mark, their souls will no longer be permitted through the hall of souls when they die. They must wait in the in-between for their clans to heal their mortal shells. Once they have reached the age of eighteen they will be sealed to their clan. The next step is to train their partially mortal brains to survive the stresses of immortality. The next feat will be the immortal Testing where they will be dropped into a floating crypt the size of New York City. This Testing is fuelled by your worst nightmares. It is a place of magic. A personal hell, where anything can happen. Here you must die a thousand times if need be, in increasingly violent ways until you understand what it is to be immortal. All three Clans go into the Testing. They must remain together and search for the Amber room in order to survive. There is a catch…only the first two clans that find the Amber room will be allowed out. The third clan will remain trapped in the nightmare forever…

She wanted to destroy everything good and right for it was all a lie...


Kayn begins her immortal life in Clan Ankh as the clan’s second Dragon. Zach is now her Handler and they both have issues with the situation. The five survivors of the Testing struggle to accept their new duties as they are thrown into situations far beyond their ability level. There is no longer a line between her twin’s memories and her own. They are now truly one being. Our heroine makes more than a few mistakes while learning to use her Conduit ability. Kayn feeds from Frost’s energy and lights a match within her soul. This causes the need for him she has always felt to overwhelm her every thought. She learns how to manage the Dragon that resides within her with the help of Zach as they fall into their fated roles. Kayn begins to accept the loss of the girl she once was by embracing the Dragon she has become. She finds joy in the pleasures of adulthood as she succumbs to her feelings for Frost. This is a tale about one girl’s evolution as she loses everything in order to become something far greater. There is beauty in letting go.

The Prophecy has begun...


In book four, Kayn has survived the Testing along with Zach and Melody. She is now Clan Ankh’s second Dragon. She’s been emotionally stunted by the violence she’s endured. Zach has become her Handler. He is her voice of reason in the emotionless void. Frost and Kayn are now together but the pull to her past is confusingly strong. She has discovered that one of the Guardians is her father. Seth is also Lexy's father and this means she has a sibling within the clan. Her abilities are growing stronger each day but she has little to no control. There are now two daughters of Seth. The ominous prophecy lingers in the background. Will Kayn gain some control or will she be swept away into the emotionless void? Only time will tell...

Meet Lexy of Ankh

A teenage girl comes back from the dead to become a hitman for a clan of immortals...


After many years lost in places void of humanity, Grey found her. He introduced her to a partially immortal family. She’d been saved in so many ways by the Ankh. They were the family that she had always been destined to find. They would teach her to embrace the dragon that resided within her. She would learn that both the dark side of her spirit and light were equally important. Lexy of Ankh was a weapon, unmatched by any member of the other clans. She would fight for all that is good even though most of the time her heart remained lost in the darkness. Greydon tried to be her handler, but Lexy of Ankh was meant to be a WILD THING. 

Being a badass is her calling...


Lexy, the Dragon of Clan Ankh begins to find her way through the turmoil of her tumultuous past. While still owning the Dragon inside she carries on with her duties as the hitman for the smallest of the three partially immortal clans. After being partnered up with her arch rival for a battle during the Summit where they shared an intimate moment, Lexy finds herself drawn to Tiberius the equally dark leader of clan Triad. As Lexy guides the three newest of the Ankh into their immortal Testing and awaits their return, she begins to search for the woman behind the beast by stepping out of her comfort zone and allowing herself to grow as a person in many new and titillating ways. Knowing she has to move forward does not make it any easier to get over the devotion she feels for her Handler Grey but she strives to make some much-needed intimately exhilarating alterations to her life path.

A middle-grade spin-off series.

Meet Owen Steinbeck

Owen Steinbeck was an awkward thirteen-year-old girl with ghostly backup...What could go wrong? ...


Owen awoke to the sound of Darth Vader's rhythmic heavy breathing. A very cool birthday gift or so she’d thought at the time. It had easily taken her half of the night to fall asleep and it felt like only five minutes had elapsed since she’d managed to tune out the droning voices in her head and closed her eyes. No, no, no…I don’t want to get up. Owen misjudged her swing for the snooze button and yanked on the cord. Darth landed right on her face. It hurt like hell. She covered her eye as she wandered over to look at the damage in the mirror. That was going to leave a mark. When your morning starts with a black eye from Darth Vader, you just know the Sith is going to hit the fan. This day was going to suck.

New Releases in 2018

Tiberius was impossible to deny, Orin was cool with being nothing more than a booty call and her Handler Grey was boiling rabbits with his mind... What could go wrong?

A sexy dark comic romp through the afterlife with three clans of naughty certifiably insane antiheroes who battle each other for shits and giggles while collecting human teenagers as they survive bloody gruesome exterminations of their family lines. If they have demonstrated an impressive level of badassery they are granted a second chance at life as sacrificial lambs for the greater good. They must join one of three clans of immortals living on earth and can be stolen at random by any other clan until their eighteenth birthday. Plot twist...To prove their partially mortal brains are capable of grasping immortality, they will be dropped into an Immortal Testing which is basically a simulation of their own personal hells. Like rats in a maze made of nightmares and other ghastly depraved thoughts best left locked behind those mortal happy place filters, they must come out mentally intact after being in murdered in thousands of increasingly creative ways. 

Her body and soul had always belonged to her Handler but in the last couple of months, she’d gone from one prospect to three. She’d never found herself in this position. Grey had been everything to her for so long. She adored him, but he’d been spelled to forget any intimacy between them as he slept. This didn’t make his jealousy any easier to digest because Grey didn’t understand. He couldn’t. She was cursed. She would always remember every heartbreakingly beautiful detail of the nights they’d spent professing their love. He was only ever reacting to half of the story. After forty years by Grey’s side, she was finally ready to find something more. She yearned for a physical connection that would still be there when they awoke. This was something she could never have with Grey. Orin was a good friend and undeniably great in the sack, but he’d been in a long-term relationship and by long-term, she meant, with the same girl on and off for a thousand years. At this moment neither of them could promise more than drama free shelter from the storm of their endless duties. Lexy had only ever been with two other people willingly, bringing her tally of lovers to a whopping three since becoming Ankh. It had taken her a long time to get to the point of wanting to experience anything physical with anyone but her Handler. She felt ready to enjoy the perks of her afterlife. She’d known Tiberius would be here, he was the leader of Triad. Their titillating encounter during the last Summit had left her with an urgency to experience all that their dark attraction had to offer. She hadn’t been able to shake the sexually charged visions of Tiberius as he sliced his blade into her skin, showing her a little something she hadn’t known about pain induced healing pleasure. Their brief sensually charged encounters since the Summit had left her yearning for more. She’d accidentally started something with Orin. Being a thousand years old gave Orin a pretty good grasp on the realities of attractions left unfulfilled, he was all for her taking a night to see Tiberius’s chapter through till its end. Orin had made it quite clear that he had no intention of getting into anything more serious than booty calls and flirtations with her until she was had closed her book of unknowns.


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